One of the features of our church life that seems increasingly out of step with our community is our male only eldership and the fact we only have men preaching on a Sunday. For some that is a source of discomfort, and others allege it is a way of organising our church life that along with our teaching on the relationship of wife and husband creates a climate for the abuse of women, even if never intended.

Why do we do organise our life that way? Why do we teach as we do about marriage? Is it just a matter of this text or that, or is there a bigger, richer understanding of the relation of men and women, created and saved, equal and complementary, that flows through Scripture, a teaching that is life enhancing and we should be unembarrassed about?

In the three weeks of the Winter Teaching series we will seek to begin to answer those questions.  Join us in person at BPC or via the livestream on the night. Links for each session are below. 

Part 1 - Creation & Marriage

Two talks followed by Q&A

Part 2 - Church & Ministry

Two talks followed by Q&A

Part 3 - Interviews, Panel Discussion

and extended Q&A

NOTE: As this session included content of a more personal nature, it is only available to our church community. Please contact the office ( to request a password.