Bundoora Presbyterian Church began as a church plant from Eltham Presbyterian in 1993 with a vision to ministering to university students and families in the Northern Suburbs.  In time and by God's grace, this small group of people has grown into three congregations (which meet every Sunday at 9am, 11am and 5pm).  Our morning congregations consist largely of families and workers and our evening congregation is made up of university students and workers. As well as meeting together on Sundays, there are diverse ministries that take place during the week, showing the love of Jesus.

Bundoora Presbyterian Church is committed to being a source of light and love in the Northern Suburbs.  We believe that God loves us so much that he sends His Son Jesus into the world to live, die and rise again so that all who trust him will share in the wonder of eternal life with Him.  It is this good news that we believe will transform individuals, families and communities and therefore we are committed to bringing this good news to people, growing them in their relationship with Jesus and sending them out with this good news.



We believe the gospel [good news] that Jesus of Nazareth who was put to death on a cross in Jerusalem almost 2,000 years ago has been raised by God to deathless life and given all authority in heaven and earth, including the authority to judge and forgive. Taught by the gospel we believe the death Jesus suffered was no accident, but a God given sacrifice for our sins, where Jesus died the death we deserved for our rebellion against God, dying in our place to give us life. He could do this for He is God’s eternal Son who took on our life for this very purpose. In coming to know Jesus as God’s Son we have also been brought to know God the Father who sent the Son into the world, and God the Spirit whom the Father entrusted to the Son to pour out on those who trust Him. Thus we confess One God, Father, Son and Spirit, the Creator of all there is. In trusting Jesus by believing His gospel we have come to know for ourselves what He has promised to those who trust Him – forgiveness of sin, peace with God, the gift of His Spirit, adoption as His children, and the hope of eternal life. That life will be manifest when Jesus returns in glory to usher in the final judgement and the new heaven and earth.


We can know this gospel because God has given us the Scriptures of the Old and New Testament. In the New Testament we find the witness of the apostles, Jesus’ chosen messengers, to the life, death, rising and teaching of Jesus. We also find their letters which help us understand what those events mean for us, and how to live as followers of Jesus in this world. In the Old Testament we find the prophetic writings that point us to Jesus and enrich our understanding of God’s plan, purpose and promises fulfilled in Jesus. All the books of the Bible are given to us by God - God breathed. As the Word of God they enable us to trust Jesus and are active in our lives to teach, rebuke, correct and train us to live godly lives. They are wholly reliable and trustworthy, and all we need to trust and follow Jesus


We don’t take credit for believing, but are full of praise and thankfulness to God for opening our eyes to see His glory in the face of His Son. Of ourselves we are dead in our sin, like all the children of Adam, and it is God who saves through and through, from electing His people before the creation of the world, to redeeming them on the cross, to calling them to Himself in the gospel and giving them new life, continuing His good work in them throughout our lives, and finally to raising us up to live with Him forever. Our confidence is not in ourselves but in God, and His steadfast love never fails.


We believe that the good news of Jesus is for all, and that it is God’s will that it goes throughout the world. We actively seek to share it with our neighbours, in our community, and to participate in its spread throughout the world. We do this because we believe God wants all people to be saved and come to a knowledge of the truth of Jesus, for He is the only Saviour, and the Saviour of the world. We are unembarrassed in this, for we know both that there will be a judgement of all at the end and only those who are in Jesus’ book of life will be saved, and that knowing God’s love in Jesus is a treasure beyond any price.


We believe that God has given to the congregations of His people elders to shepherd His people and direct their life together under His word. We also think that it is good for congregations to fellowship together on the basis of a common understanding of the faith. The common understanding of the faith shared by Presbyterian churches in Australia is the Westminster Confession of Faith read in the light of the Declaratory Statement to which all our elders and pastors must subscribe.