Questions & Answers

Updated 16 November 2022

Sunday Services


Before you come

What time are Sunday services?
When should I arrive?
Do I need to bring anything?
What if I feel unwell on the day?


During the service

How will we be seated?
Do I need to wear a face mask?
Will there be Sunday School?
What if my child doesn't feel comfortable attending Sunday School?
Will there be Sunday Youth?
Will Creche be available?
Where can I change or feed my baby?


After the service

Will refreshments be served?
Can my kids play in the indoor playground?

A Covid normal Bundy

What should I do if I test positive after attending a Sunday Service or Bundy gathering?
How often does cleaning occur?
How is the building ventilated?
Can I go to church to drop off/pick up an item?
When is Playgroup, mainly music held?
When is Kids Club?
When is Youth Group?
Can I borrow from the church library?
Who can I contact if I have other questions?

Health Guidelines

What to do if you are sick?
What about other illnesses?