Our In-person Sunday Services are back!


There are different requirements for smaller and larger services so please read the information below to choose the best service for you.


If you are not ready to return in person yet, the livestream will also continue at 9am, 11am and 5pm. (

9am & 11am Services

A larger gathering for families with creche & Sunday School 


  • No need to register but proof of vaccination required
  • Sunday School (Kinder - Grade 6) running for Term 4
    • Kids will be upstairs for the entire service due to density quotients.
    • They will watch the livesream service together before doing their usual curriculum
    • Please provide a pencil case, nut-free snack and drink bottle for your child
    • Please exit directly via the back stairs after you've collected your child at the end of the service. 
  • Creche begins after the children's talk
  • There will be no morning tea or Sunday Youth whilst the density quotient is 1 person per 4 square meters. 

3pm Service

A smaller gathering where proof of vaccination is not required.


  • No proof of vaccination required (you will still need to do the QR code for contact tracing when you arrive)
  • Numbers are restricted to 30 people so please register to attend this service (click here to register)
  • There will be a waitlist in case of last minute cancellations and so the elders can assess whether there is need for additional small services. 
  • This service will track with the morning sermon series in 1 Peter and will include the childrens talk from the morning service and activity sheets for families. 

5pm Service

A larger gathering in the evening with no formal children's programs.  


  • No need to register but proof of vaccination required
  • There will be no supper whilst the density quotient is 1 person per 4 square meters. 




The style of our service is contemporary and not particularly formal.  Feel free to wear what you feel comfortable, most people wear casual dress.  During the service we spend some time singing, praying and reading the Bible.  On the first Sunday of the month we share in the Lord’s Supper which is a meal for followers of Jesus, to remember what Jesus did on the cross for us.  After the service finishes we invite everyone to stay for morning tea or supper and an opportunity to meet new people 


Sunday Morning Services - 9am & 11am


We have two morning services, 9am & 11am that have the same sermon series. 

Creche for children under 3 runs every week and programs for children Kinder to Year 8 run at both services during the school terms. 

In the school holidays there are children's talks in the service and activity sheets for them to complete. 

All our leaders are approved to work with children and all children are signed into our programs for Safe Church record keeping requirements. 

Your chldren are welcome to join our programs or be in the service with you depending on what you prefer. 


Sunday Evening Service - 5pm


Our evening service runs at 5pm each Sunday and has no formal programs for children running. 

For most of the year this congregation has a seperate sermon series from the morning services. 

In general we are a younger congregation of workers and students but all ages are most welcome to attend. 


Saturday Service - Persian


Bundoora Presbyterian also has a Persian Congregation that meets on Saturday evenings.  This service has Bible teaching , prayers and singing in Farsi.  During the service there is a children's program for pre-school and primary aged kids conducted in English.  To find out more details about this service please email


'Graduate Business Park'
3/19 Enterprise Drive
Bundoora VIC 3083


Car parking is available behind the yellow signs in spaces marked as belonging to our church.  You are also able to park in any space that is unmarked and does not have another organisation's name on it.  As we share the carpark with others, we would ask that you park only in these car spaces.