Series Review:

"The Chosen" - Series on the life of Jesus and his disciples 

7 July 2020 - Clint Le Page

I just finished watching the first series of ‘The Chosen’  and I loved it.

It’s not like some Jesus movies or series which only describe the events and words that are exactly recorded in Scripture, this series give backstories, with imagination/ creative license. This helps the viewers to connect with the characters and helps the story to flow in a very engaging way. The characters Mary Magdalene, Matthew, Simon Peter , Nicodemus and Jesus are fantastic. The acting, scenes and music are excellent, and you hear many words of Jesus and others as Scripture records them. I found this series was moving and encouraged my faith. It’s worth watching and worth encouraging your family and friends, Christian and non-Christian, to watch too.

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To access the series you download the app on your phone or device (search for ‘the Chosen’). The app is well designed so you can Chromecast to your TV or share with another device. You can watch all episodes of season 1 for free with a 'pay it forward' system where you can pay $15 U.S. to allow others to watch it for free down the track also. 

The first four episode can also be watched for free on YouTube but the App is a better viewing experience. 

The first season finished with Jesus’ encounter with the Samaritan woman (John 4) and I’m looking forward to Season 2 already.

Clint Le Page