NOTE: Due to changes in government restrictions pre-registration for our services will no longer be required from Sunday 18th April 2021. 

Details about this change can be found HERE

Register to join us on Sundays in person!


11th April

School Holidays

Creche only running

School  Holidays

Creche only running.

NO Kids Programs


If you need to ammend or cancel your registration please contact our office team (office@bpc.org.au)

Information about our services

Update: Christmas and Summer Service Plans

Neil gives updated plans for Christmas and Summer Services as we move to a 2 square meter density quotient. (6 mins)

Update: What happens when we meet

Neil explains how we operate in the building in relations to masks, children and singing. (7 mins)

General Walkthrough: BPC Reopening 

Neil takes us through the building and what our Covid safe services will look like as we re-open. (15 mins)

Parents Walkthrough with Clarissa

Clarissa walks parents through the creche and Sunday School programs for our morning services. (2 mins)

How to register to attend a service

Cat explains how to regsiter if you'd like to come along to one of our in persons services. (2 mins)