Online Safety Advice For Parents

4 September 2020 - Clint Le Page

Hi families at Bundy, 


I just finished reading this Online Safety Advice for parents (available here), and it is really worth taking 20-30 mins to read through.


If your children are like mine, being stuck at home they're on their screens more. This resource (prepared by the Australian E-Safety Commissioner) has lots of excellent advice and tips.


It helpfully encourages us to build open trusting relationships with our children and to keep engaging with what they're doing online, and protecting them in that. It has pages on mananging their time online, cyber-bullying, scams, pornography, grooming, sexting and gaming - all topics we need to be informed about.


It has lots of helpful resources you can draw on, and info on getting the help and support we need at this time. 

For the sake of our children's wellbeing, safety and godliness, it's worth a read.

I'm praying God strengthens you and gives you great wisdom and love to parent your children well, in a Christ-honouring way, even when we're tired.


Clint Le Page