Our aim is to strengthen our connection with each other and point each other to Jesus.  We are not aiming to have a lot heavy content and an outside expert each time we meet together, but we are hoping that it will be a time of sharing, mutual encouragement, prayer and reminders that we need Jesus and we need each other - more so than ever during a time like COVID-19.

Upcoming Events

Part 3: "Providing" 

Monday 26th October, 7.30pm

With Guest Speaker: Guang Lan Xu

Guang will share his experiences of losing work, and having to re-adjust expectations and life plans and what God has been teaching him through these times. He and his family are part of our 11am congregation. 

Meeting ID: 867 6854 8895
Passcode: 436144

Part 2: "The Economy" 

Monday 5th October, 7.30pm

With Guest Speaker: Troy Lynch

Troy Lynch has completed a PHD in economics and lectures on the subject at several universities across Melbourne. He also attends our 9am congregation. The evening will be a discussion about our current economy and how Christians can think about economics and our society. 

Part 1: "Faithfulness" 

Monday 21st September, 7.30pm

With Guest Speaker: Professor Nathan Grills

Professor Nathan Grills will share how he struggles to be both professional and Godly in Melbourne as a Melbourne health professional and leading multiple health programs overseas from his loungeroom.



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