Bundy Life is a seven week course that looks at what we believe and what we expect of each other at Bundy. It gives you an opportunity to explore and ask questions about foundational Christian teaching - on God, sin and salvation in Christ, the Bible, God's grace in saving us. It also allows us to establish a common mind on how Christians should behave to each other and in society, as well as introducing you to the structures of our church life.


It is a great course to do if you are new and thinking of making Bundy your church, or if you have been coming to Bundy for a while and thinking of becoming a member.


 We hope to have you join us sometime. 

Next Course Details


  • Dates: Next course 12th May 2024 (a 7 week course on Sunday afternoons) 
  • Time: 3pm-4pm
  • Location: At Bundoora Presbyterian Church 
  • Cost: Free
  • Who to contact: Neil Chambers (facilitator)