Bundy Unplugged 2022

SATURDAY AUGUST 27 starting at 6pm (at BPC or via livestream)

Bundy Unplugged is our annual event celebrating the creative arts that God has given to us to enjoy together as a community.  After two years of having Bundy Unplugged as an online only event due to lockdown, we are returning to having live performances in our auditorium.  We will still be raising funds for Bundy missionaries who serve in Australia or overseas.




Here are some ideas:

  • Perform a skit/meme/magic
  • Tell some jokes
  • Read a Psalm
  • Recite a poem
  • Perform a song or dance
  • Show your artwork or photography

Registrations close on August 17




Can I still perform through a pre-recorded video?

Yes - if you think your performance would be more suitable in a video or you would prefer to perform this way you can record your performance and have it shown on the night.


Can I perform live in the Bundy auditorium?

Yes you can on the night of Saturday August 27th.


Can I watch from home?

Yes - Bundy Unplugged will still be live streamed on YouTube Live.


Can I watch live in the auditorium?

Yes - if there are no covid restrictions, you will be able to watch the pre-recorded and live performances in the auditorium. 


What about artwork?

Artwork can be displayed either live in the church building on the night of Bundy Unplugged or can be displayed on the Bundy website.


How can I perform or show my artwork?


Step 1 - Think of an idea

Step 2 - Register your interest (if you're not sure whether to perform live or pre-record a video then please let us know in the registration)

Step 3 - Plan & Practice your performance

Step 4 - Record & Edit your video (if you have chosen this option)

Step 5 - Upload your video by August 20 or perform live on the night

Step 6 - Join us in watching on YouTube on August 27


Download this document to see more detail on the steps to preparing a good video.


Download this document if you would like to display artwork or photography