The Servant King

(Jan - Feb 2022)

Mark Chapters 1 - 5


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Jan 2nd

Good News of the King

Mark 1:1-13 (CSB)Andrew Wort
Jan 9th

The King's Call

Mark 1:14-45 (CSB)Andrew Wort
Jan 16th

Jesus: Able to forgive, willing to welcome

Mark 2:1-17 (CSB)

Chris Shaw
Jan 23rd

Jesus and the Pharisees

Mark 2:18- 3:6 (CSB)Chris Shaw
Jan 30th

Divided Opinions

Mark 3:7-35 (CSB)

Chris Shaw
Feb 6th

The King's Word Divides

Mark 4:1-34 (CSB)Andrew Wort
Feb 13th

A bigger view of Jesus

Psalm 107:23-32,
Mark 4:35-41 (CSB)

Chris Shaw