Covid-19 Resources

Welcome to our new resources page! We hope you find the content helpful and encouraging. If you'd like resources specifically for your children during in this time please also visit our Kids & Youth resources page. 

NEW This Week

ARTICLE - Domestic Violence

Neil gives a helpful review of the book "Why does he do that? Inside the minds of angry and controlling men" as well as some further reflections on domestic violence in the church.

ARTICLE - Post-pandemic blues

An article from The Gospel Coalition Australia on avoiding the post-pandemic blues.

Watch an interview with David Crawford who heads up our team of Deacons as he talks about the impact of COVID-19 on those seeking asylum.

BPC Interviews

Going back to School

Watch an interview with Alyssa, Andy and Taya - two teachers and an educational psychologist about remote learning and going back to school.

Watch an interview with David Crawford who heads up our team of Deacons as he talks about the impact of COVID-19 on those seeking asylum.

Breakaway Youth Interview

Watch an interview with Paul Coleman as he shares about his work with Breakaway Youth and how COVID-19 has impacted disadvataged youth.

Living in the light of your death

Watch an interview with Ray Haverfield as he shares about how he lives life in the light of his death (Ray served as a missionary until a diagnosis of cancer).  Read Ray's article to accompany his interview.

Thoughtful Questions

Watch an interview with Jane about making the most of this time by asking deliberate and thoughtful questions in your conversations.

On the frontline

Watch an interview with Kirsten and Chrystal from the 5pm congregation - who are both on the front line in our hospitals in dealing with Covid-19.

Learning in isolation

Watch an interview with Jo from the 11am congregation.  Jo has spent long periods of time in isolation due to illness and what God has taught her through this.

Remembering on Anzac Day

Watch an interview with Peter Blackman, a returned serviceman from the Vietnam War about what Anzac Day means.

BPC Articles & Book Reviews


Read good books during self-quarantine, new reviews from members of our congregation added weekly.


How to make lockdown fun and fruitful

An article from Rachel McConchie with tips and tricks for the lockdown season

Faith that Survives 

Use this time to develop a faith that can survive both success and suffering. 

Reading of Ephesians (whole book)

Listen to a reading of the whole book of Ephesians as we launch our new sermon series this Sunday 10th May. 

5 tips for "church at home" with kids

Cat Camilleri shares her ideas for making the most of the live stream service with kids. 

Technology tips for Covid-19 

One of our elders, David gives his tips of video conferencing software and security. 

Podcasts and Sermons

Mums at Home with Kids

TGC Australia are running a weekly episode called "Everyday Conversations." A recent episode featured three mums discussing how Covid19 had meant more time at home with kids. Watch and listen as they discuss the challenges and encouragements this time has brought. 

Sanctity of Life Interview

Peter is keen that our people might have the opportunity to see the hope that comes through Jesus, and the dignity and sanctity of life - enabled or disabled. Made in the image of God and redeemed to the glory of God, we are of infinite value and capable of joyful hope in spite of outwardly appalling circumstances.

John Dickson podcast

Listen to John Dickson interview a range of Christians about common misconceptions


How Covid-19 Changes Evangelism

An interview with Phillip Jensen on the Pastor's Heart podcast

Watch Billy Graham's final address before he died at 99.

Podcast on God's sovereignty during a pandemic.

Audio book: Coronavirus and Christ

John Piper's recent book released as a free audio book or E-Book to help you engage with the Corona Virus as a follower of Jesus

Watch a range of bible talks from the Belgrave Heights Easter and Summer Conventions.


Practical Tips from Rev Dr Keith Condie from the Mental Health & Pastoral Care Institute about maintaining mental health during self-isolation.  

How do I fight my coronavirus fears?

Article from desiring God website (also a podcast)




Helpful articles updated regularly to help you to respond to the Covid-19 situation as a follower of Jesus.

Trusting God In Suffering, Sacrifice, Disease and Death: A Lost Art?

Resources for Adults

People from Bundy posting playlists, reflections, links that are helping them in the Covid-19 crisis.

Resources to help you to read and understand the Bible.


Share your story.

A range of free academic resources like lectures and courses


Crossway Resources

Bibles and Christian books to help you grow in your faith in Jesus.  


Resources from the Bilblical Counselling from podcasts and articles 

Colin Concert for Adults!

Colin Buchanan is having a concert for adults this evening, 7th May at 7:30pm. It will be live streamed on his facebook page. He'll be singing songs from his albums Real Hope and Calvary Road (which should be quite familiar to many Bundy Blokes as he performed them for us!).