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Highlights This Week

What are you waiting for? (Part 1) The Patience of Job.

Job is confronted, humbled and finally comforted by the awesome and sovereign ruler of creation. The last word of this God for His servant, as it is for all of His children, is not one of suffering and struggle, but of superabundant blessing; of life and fullness (42:10-17)  Read Andy Prideaux's article.

Bible Mistakes: Undeceptions with John Dickson.

John Dickson’s ‘Undeceptions’ podcast is back for a third season. In this first episode, he talks with world-renowned New Testament scholar Craig Blomberg to address so-called ‘mistakes’ in the bible such as inconsistencies between the gospels, historical inaccuracies, and more! Professor Craig Blomberg has spent a lifetime digging around these 'Bible mistakes'. And he's not convinced that they are, in fact, mistakes! Listen to John Dickson's podcast.

How to Honestly Share the Gospel.

A thoughtful and challenging podcast that explores the issues that make talking about Jesus difficult. Especially helpful and engaging is Rico’s encouragement to develop soft hearts and tough skin around the simple idea that people without Christ spend eternity separated from God in a real hell. Listen to Rico Tice's podcast.

BPC Interviews

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Watch an interview with David Crawford who heads up our team of Deacons as he talks about the impact of COVID-19 on those seeking asylum.

Meaning of Marriage 

Watch an interview with Harold and Ray from the 11am congregation as they share their insights from 64 years of marriage.

Missionary life during COVID 

Watch an interview with Jon and Teresa as they share about finishing their time at Bundy and returning to Colombia to serve as missionaries during COVID-19. 

Breakaway Youth Interview

Watch an interview with Paul Coleman as he shares about his work with Breakaway Youth and how COVID-19 has impacted disadvataged youth.

Going back to School

Watch an interview with Alyssa, Andy and Taya - two teachers and an educational psychologist about remote learning and going back to school.

Learning in isolation

Watch an interview with Jo from the 11am congregation.  Jo has spent long periods of time in isolation due to illness and what God has taught her through this.

Living in the light of your death

Watch an interview with Ray Haverfield as he shares about how he lives life in the light of his death (Ray served as a missionary until a diagnosis of cancer). 

Read Ray's article to accompany his interview.

On the frontline

Watch an interview with Kirsten and Chrystal from the 5pm congregation - who are both on the front line in our hospitals in dealing with Covid-19.

Serving at BPC 

Andrew interviews and farewells Justin and Chloe from the 5pm Congregation as they reflect on their experience of church, growth groups and serving in Youth Group during their time at Bundy.

Serving on Groote Eylandt

Watch an interview with Matt and Kate, missionaries from Bundy serving amongst indigenous Australians.

Thoughtful Questions

Watch an interview with Jane about making the most of this time by asking deliberate and thoughtful questions in your conversations.

BPC Articles

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5 tips for "church at home" with kids

Cat Camilleri shares her ideas for making the most of watching the Livestream service with kids. 

BPC Songs Playlists

To encourage you throughout the week Andy May has put together playlists of songs we often sing at Bundoora Presbyterian Church. 'BPC Songs' and 'BPC Kids' playlists

are available at bpc.org.au/songs

Cloth Mask Pattern

Jo Watson from our 11am congregation has designed a cloth mask pattern available to download here.

If you'd like to offer to make masks for others you can do so by clicking the 'I offer help' button at bpc.org.au/love

Other helpful links:

Who can use a homemade mask (WHO)
How to wear a fabric mask (WHO)

Ear loop face mask patter (VIC Government)

Caring for the Sick

"This is my 12th year of working as a chaplain in Melbourne’s public hospital system... The biggest thing I have learnt is to listen more and talk less!"

Dealing with Fear

"I confess that when the pandemic arrived in Australia, and I was told to stay in my home, I was initially gripped by fear. I had to sit down and ask myself ‘Is this a real threat to me, and what am I ultimately afraid of..."

Faith that Survives

Use this time to develop a faith that can survive both success and suffering. 

Livestream Survey Summary

Thankyou to all who completed the live stream survey. The session and staff have reviewed your feedback and changes to our services will occur in the coming weeks.

Download the report here.

Making lockdown fun and fruitful

An article from Rachel McConchie with tips and tricks for the lockdown season.


Metro Traineeship in a Pandemic

"I had good plans for this year, but God has said ‘no’ to many of them." Read how Kathryn, a Metro Trainee at Bundoora Presbyterian has found joys and trials in starting a Traineeship in 2020.

Technology tips for Covid-19 

One of our elders, David gives his tips of video conferencing software and security. 

'Christianity Explored' in 2020: 3 Things I'm Thankful For.

"I find that Evangelism in somewhat of a double joy - for the more I speakof what Christ has done for the people I am talking to, the more I am reminding of what Christ has done for me!" Continue reading Chris Shaw's article.

BPC Book & Resource Reviews


Read good books during this time. Book reviews from members of our congregation are added monthly.

Domestic violence & the church

Neil Chambers gives a helpful review of the book "Why does he do that? Inside the minds of angry and controlling men" as well as some further reflections on domestic violence in the church.

Online Safety Advice For Parents

Clint Le Page reviews the "Online Safety Advice for parents resource" prepared by the Australian E-Safety Commissioner.

A copy of the resource is available to download here

Videos, Podcasts and Sermons

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On Sunday 16th August, both congregations and kids will be diving into the book of Ezekiel. 

Two short videos from The Bible Project will give you a taste of what is to come in our new sermon series. 

Watch Part 1, Ezekiel 1-33 (7 mins)

Watch Part 2, Ezekiel 34-48 (7mins)

EPIC READING - Ephesians 

Simon Camilleri reads through the book of Ephesians.

View the recording here (24 mins)


9 actors perform an epic dramatic reading of the entire Book of Job. Directed by Simon Camilleri.

First shown on Sunday 28th June, 2020. The reading is now available on YouTube in full or in 7 parts. 


FILM REVIEW - Clint Le Page

'The Chosen' is a series about the life of Jesus and his disciples...

"I just finished watching the first series of ‘The Chosen’  and I loved it... this series was moving and encouraged my faith. It’s worth watching and worth encouraging your family and friends, Christian and non-Christian, to watch too."

Read the full review here

FILM REVIEW - Rhys Bezzant

American Gospel: Christ Alone

"The radically me-centred prosperity Gospel is turned fully on its head to preach a Gospel which points away from us towards Christ and all his benefits."

Full review on TGC Australia website

View documentary on YouTube, Netflix or Vimeo

PODCASTS - John Dickson

Listen to John Dickson interview a range of Christians about common misconceptions


Particular episodes of interest:

 - "Scientific Theology" feat. Alistair McGrath

 - "Miraculous Physics" feat. Ian Hutchison

Audio Book: Coronavirus and Christ

John Piper's recent book released as a free audio book or E-Book to help you engage with the Corona Virus as a follower of Jesus.

Watch a range of bible talks from the Belgrave Heights Easter and Summer Conventions.

Watch Billy Graham's final address before he died at 99.

How Covid-19 Changes Evangelism

An interview with Phillip Jensen on the Pastor's Heart podcast

Podcast on God's sovereignty during a pandemic.

Mums at Home with Kids

TGC Australia are running a weekly episode called "Everyday Conversations." Hear conversations as mums discuss challenges and encouragements they've come across during Covid 19.

Only Boring People Get Bored

A poem for Kids, read by Stephen Jones (former Bundy member), posted on Facebook (6 minutes long)

Sanctity of Life Interview

Peter is keen that our people might have the opportunity to see the hope that comes through Jesus, and the dignity and sanctity of life - enabled or disabled. Made in the image of God and redeemed to the glory of God, we are of infinite value and capable of joyful hope in spite of outwardly appalling circumstances.

Trusting God in Difficult Times - Meditations by Tim Keller.

This special series of meditations is meant to encourage you to trust God more deeply and to meditate on his word and what it promises, to give you strength and hope in difficult times. Watch the series here.

How to Honestly Share the Gospel.

A thoughtful and challenging podcast that explores the issues that make talking about Jesus difficult. Especially helpful and engaging is Rico’s encouragement to develop soft hearts and tough skin around the simple idea that people without Christ spend eternity separated from God in a real hell. Listen to Rico Tice's podcast.

Other Articles

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16 tips for well being during Covid

Practical Tips from Rev Dr Keith Condie from the Mental Health & Pastoral Care Institute about staying mentally well while staying at home. Continue reading here

Avoiding the Post-pandemic blues

An article from The Gospel Coalition Australia on avoiding the post-pandemic blues.

Beware, Sin Thrives in Isolation 

"Even though we cannot physically meet, it is still possible to carry one another's burdens in some way. In fact, it's precisely because we cannot physically meet that we need to stay connected as the church." 

The Gospel Coalition AU article by Adam Ch'ng

Christ in a Curfew

"Despite what is happening in our lives-despite the pressures we're under, and the strain of the day, there is still a God who is with us, who cares for us, and who brings hope into our lives."

The Gospel Coalition AU article by Jon Coombs

Four Reasons for Hope in Suffering

"God leaves us in this broken world because what it produces in us is way better than the comfortable life we all want."

Continue reading Paul Tripp's article here

Have You Been Separated from the Herd?

"The greatest threat to holding fast is our sin and the prescribed antidote is travelling with the herd....The worst thing we can do at this time is to let his [the devil's] machinations fool us into lone wolf thinking and forget that we are part of a herd."

Continue reading Matt Smith's article here

How do I fight my coronavirus fears?

An interview with John Piper as he addresses some aspects of the current coronavirus pandemic.

Available as a podcast or audio transcript here


Living in the Covid-19 Wilderness

"All of God’s people effectively live in the wilderness, in between the times of our past redemption and our final rest... Today, with so many restrictions and privations in place, we might feel that this comparison rings especially true. What, then, is God doing when we find ourselves in the wilderness?"  Continue reading here

Questions about Vaccines?

Helpful articles to engage with questions being raised about the development of vaccines.

- "Does acceptance of a COVID-19 vaccine represent endorsement or abortion?" Megan Best, bioethicist.

- "Good from evil? Wrestling with the moral tragedy of vaccines" Michael Jensen

Remembering J.I.Packer

Two helpful reflections on the life of J.I.Packer, author of "Knowing God" along with many other helpful Christian books. 
The Gospel Coalition Article

The Pastors Heart Podcast (28 mins)

Trusting God - Peter Adam

Helpful articles updated regularly to help you as you respond to the Covid-19 as a follower of Jesus.

The Gospel Coalition Resources are found here

Patience in a Pandemic

"I want open borders by October, a vaccine by Christmas, and back overseas by February. Then I remember the lesson the Lord taught our brothers and sisters centuries ago… It seems to me that patience is the virtue we need at this present time." Continue reading Mike Raiter's article on patience in the current season.

Toward Something Better

“Our world, especially at the moment, is disoriented and looking for answers. Steph Judd helpfully shows us how in the Psalms we see 'we see a movement of human experience from the place of orientation to disorientation; from disorientation to reorientation.’ She encourages us not only to delight in God’s Word in the Psalms, but to follow their example and cry out to God who is leads us toward something better.”

Why Has Quarantine Made Me So Angry?

"But what I’m hoping to do, at least, is to prod and poke into the specifics of what Scripture says about the roots of anger, because here we find exposure of what is ugly, but also of what is beautiful." Continue reading Bruce Lowe's article.

Rejoice in the Lord!

"God wants us, to actually engage in the physical activity of rejoicing. We may tend to think that it is the internal attitude which counts: but there is no Biblical reason for doing so." Continue reading Peter Adam's article. Peter Adam is vicar emeritus at St. Jude’s Carlton, formerly principal of Ridley College Melbourne, and vicar of St. Jude’s.

How To Pray When You're Feeling Anxious.

"Anxiety may misdirect us, or, properly grasped, may point us to the right path. There must, therefore, be a proper tension between apathy and anxiety, one which motivates us and preserves us from complacency and presumption at one extreme, and paralysis and despair on the other.” Continue reading Michael Lundy's article.

Christmas Presents and Present-Giving.

This coming Christmas, let’s celebrate with thankfulness and generosity, thinking intentionally about how to honour God in this area of life. Read Fiona McLean's article.

Innovative Evangelism: Bringing the Gospel to TikTok.

“Following Chris Shaw's reflection on running Christianity Explored over Zoom, this is an encouraging article to consider the many opportunities and various ways we can still engage in evangelism, even online!” Read Taryn Haynes' article.

Resources for Adults

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Resources from the Bilblical Counselling from podcasts and articles. 

An open facebook group where the Bundoora Presbyterian Church family (Bundy) post playlists, reflections and links. Click here for more information.

Crossway Resources

Bibles and Christian books to help you grow in your faith in Jesus.  

Resources to help you to read and understand the Bible.

A range of free academic resources like lectures and courses.