Updated 19 August 2021

Sunday Services


Before you come

What time are Sunday services?
When should I arrive?
Do I need to bring anything?
Do I need to check the list of Public Exposure Sites?
What if I feel unwell on the day?


During the service

Are there contact tracing requirements?
How will we be seated?
Do I need to wear a face mask?
What about Lord's Supper in the church building?
Will there be Sunday School?
What if my child doesn't feel comfortable attending Sunday School?
Will there be Sunday Youth?
Will creche be available?
Where can I change or feed my baby?


After the service

Will refreshments be served?
Can my kids play in the indoor playground?

A Covid normal Bundy

Can I go to church to drop off/pick up an item?
Can I borrow from the church library?
What's the latest advice about restarting church activities?
When can Growth Groups meet face to face?
What about Playgroup, mainly music?
What about Kids Club?
What about Youth Group?
Is there a COVIDSafe plan for Bundy?
How often does cleaning occur?
Who can I contact if I have other questions?

Health Guidelines

What are the Conditions of Entry?
What is our policy?
What if my child only has mild symptoms?
When should I get my child tested?
Can they return as soon as they have a negative test result?
What about other children? Can they come with a parent while the ill child stays at home?
What about other children while an unwell child is awaiting test results?
Do I need to stay away if I have a runny nose due to hay fever?
What about other illnesses?