Bundy Unplugged is our annual event celebrating the creative arts that God has given to us to enjoy together as a community.  In a normal year, we meet together and view performances and artwork put together by members of our community.  Last year, we held our first online version of Bundy Unplugged called Bundy Plugged-In due to COVID restrictions.

What's the same?

Due to our current lockdown restrictions, we're still going to watch different people from Bundy share their creative gifts and like last year, we will be doing it from the comfort of home and as usual we're going to be doing this on one night - 7pm on Saturday Oct 9 so put that date in your calendars.  We will also be looking to raise support for missionaries as we do every year.  But this year we are returning to calling the event "Bundy Unplugged".

How will this be done?

We're looking for people to record a video performance of their particular creative gift.  Then we want you to edit and upload that video and if it's suitable, we will be broadcasting it together with all the performances on YouTube Live.  Artwork or photography will also be displayed in an online gallery.

What will be different?

As we can't meet in one place, we will be watching together on one night from our houses through our YouTube channel.

How can I get involved?

Step 1 - Think of an idea

Step 2 - Register your interest in performing

Step 3 - Plan & Practice your performance

Step 4 - Record & Edit your video

Step 5 - Upload your video

Step 6 - Join us in watching on YouTube on Saturday October 9

Download this document to see more detail on the steps to preparing a good video.

Download this document if you would like to display artwork or photography

Registrations close on September 27

Here are some ideas:

  • Perform a skit/meme/magic
  • Tell some jokes
  • Read a Psalm
  • Recite a poem
  • Perform a song or dance
  • Show your artwork or photography